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Rock Tribune

" The band's sound is convincing from the first till the last minute.
And that's something you can't say of many rock groups."


"Stain On My Soul sounds very fresh, and it captures the feeling of Classic Rock so perfectly, is very emotional and spulful and most importantly played with a lot of passion.

Vibes Magazine

"Mike Mostert plays guitar with a precise abandon that lifts the energy of the song to a new level. His tone and prowess are flawless, but he picks with a playful inventiveness that I haven't heard in a long time. In Theory is a band to watch out for in the future."

Guitar Talk W/Jimmy Warren

"Powerhouse Vocals & Blistering Guitar"

Uber Rock

In Theory mashes up styles, but in a way that is honest and unapologetic in its both its intent and its delivery. And that is where its beauty lies."

-The Rocker

"The band are all excellent, with some great vocals from Tony Covino.
Their approach to Classic Rock is

very modern"


"Elements of both classic rock and

more modern rock, fused into the overall all comes together to

create something


Planet Rock / UK

"100% Pure Rock That's Satisfying"

Music Charts

#3 Mediabase Classic Rock

#8 Active SMR Rock

#6 Contraband Metal

500+ Radio Stations

Featured on

Hair Nation XM Radio. / Eddie Trunk

Nights with Alice Cooper / Alice Cooper

Streets of Rock N Roll / Ron Keel

Red Hot Rocker / Sammy Hagar

and more!

In Theory is not your average rock band; they are a powerhouse of sound, emotion, and creativity, redefining the boundaries of the genre with their unique and electrifying sound. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, this dynamic group of talented players has come together to forge a path that is distinctly their own.

New Video & Single World’s On Fire

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